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From Radio to Parliment that is the Road for Greg Hetherington



It was a decision that took 10 years in the making, after consultation with his wife, his family and friends and even with the man he hopes to replace. Greg Hetherington has entered his name into the race to be the next candidate for the Progressive Conservative party in the riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. A big change from his current course in life.


The current owner and morning announcer at the radio station in Wallaceburg, Hetherington hopes to be a strong voice in Ottawa for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex by taking over for the retiring Bev Shipley. Hetherington even consulted with Shipley before throwing his hat into the ring. So he would be prepared for the journey ahead.


Hetherington is closing in on ten years as a small business owner, he has being an advocate for better health care and spear headed campaigns to raise funds for the Wallaceburg Hospital which was on the verge of being closed, Hetherington was at the forefront of, not only helping to save the small hospital but also let them get more and better equipment. He assisted in fund raising for the CK Hospise and other major charities so he understands the community needs.


Hetherington is a local boy from Thamesville, he grew up on a farm in the farming community before going off to Fanshawe college in London, to study broadcasting and joining a radio station in Chatham in 1986. Hetherington says that agriculture is not represented well especially agriculture for the LKM area. He wants to be a voice for the area in Ottawa while still maintaining his feet in the riding working right at home for the people of LKM.


Besides speaking for health care and agriculture, Hetherington says we need to be more fiscally responsible in government, “The economy is good, yet we are racking up debt, when we should be paying down the deficit.” As a small business owner he understands about being thrifty and says that mentality has to be in Ottawa as well.


He totally supports Andrew Sheerer the leader of the Conservative Party and says that we need to make sure that our immigration policies are such that those entering into the country can make substantial contributions here, and are not coming here just to be given opportunity with no contribution. He wants to see veterans looked after and given a just due for the work and sacrifice they have made for the country.


The nomination meeting will most likely be in early November and there are four others vying for the spot that will be left open when Shipley retires. Hetherington says once it is know who will be running in the 2019 federal election then he will put into motion his plans for removing himself as an on air personality and shift into the mode of Conservative candidate.